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Serving Middlesex and surrounding counties for over 30 years, Fishin’ Factory 3 is your Connecticut River and Long Island Sound specialist.  We offer Middlesex County's  widest variety and selection of rods, reels, tackle and baits.  Located in the middle of the state, seconds away from Route 9, we are 20 minutes from the Connecticut shoreline, an hour from the Rhode Island beaches, and minutes away from the Connecticut River and numerous fresh water lakes and ponds.

We are equipped with the latest software to issue inland, saltwater, and hunting licenses. Owner Andrew Nichols and his staff are all avid fisherman with hundreds of hours logged on Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound, Fisher's Island Sound, the Atlantic and the Connecticut River.  Fishing for Striped Bass, Fluke, Black Fish, Bonito, False Albacore, Tautog, Largemouth Bass, Pike, Trout and Panfish, Andrew and his staff can give you up-to-the-minute information about where the bite is going on and the tackle to help put a bend in your rod. 



         2024 Spring and Summer Hours:

  • Monday -- Friday 7:30 am -- 6:00 pm
  • Saturday 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 6:00 am - 4:00 pm 


List of Available Baits:

  • Live Baits: Night Crawlers, Dilly Worms, Trout Worms, Meal Worms, Arkansas Shiners, Mummies (Chubs), Eels, Sand Worms, Blood Worm, Green Crabs, Spikes, Wax Worms, Mousies
  • Frozen Baits: Bunker, Mackerel, Tinker Mackerel, California Squid, Local Squid, Squid Strips, Spearing, Silversides, Mullet, Sand Eels, Clam, Clam Chum, Atlantic Herring, Smelt & Vacuum Sealed Pond Shiners
  • Off Shore Baits: Mackerel & Bunker Chum, Bunker Oil, Menhaden Milk, Flats of Mackerel, Tinker Mackerel, Bunker, Squid, Sardines, Butterfish, Bluefish, Herring & Ballyhoo

Brands We Carry:

If it's not in our shelves, we can order it and have it fast!

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238 East Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457 Click for location and map Ph: (860) 344-9139
Dirty Boat?

Bell Boat Detailing

For compounding, polishing, waxing, power washing, chemical bottom clean, interior cleaning etc. Fully insured and also provide scheduled maintenance! Prices vary based on size, boat style/type. Just call 860-299-3338 for quotes.

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Got ShrinK Wrap?

Middlesex Mobile Shrink-Wrap

For BOATS, CAMPERS, equipment, etc. Protect your investment from ice & water damage, UV rays and dirt! From only $7.50 per foot. Free estimates. Just call 860-343-1785 or 860-558-1384.

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We stock a #@!% Load of In Shore, Off Shore & Fresh Water Baits